All surgery is serious.

Many people feel at ease when they are told that a surgery is minor or that it can be done in the doctors office. Your body looks at all surgery as really serious. It does not know the difference between someone stabbing you in a back alley or the stab coming from a doctor done in surgery. If more people really understood what is happening to the body during surgery there would be far less elective surgeries.

Surgery is one of the main things that the allopathic world of medicine relies on. If you go to a mainstream doctor surgery is a very viable alternative to helping you to get "well." However, it is always wise to seek out opinions from doctors who are not mainstream such as chiropractors and osteopaths because they may be able to help you to get well without the need for invasive surgery.

In surgery if your tissues are damaged sufficiently, there will not only be the ordinary scars but also adhesions. Adhesions are bands of tissue that will attach interior structures to each other and can cause lots of problems. When uterine fibroids are removed oftentimes adhesions will cause the uterus to attach to the large intestine. Taking out the appendix can cause adhesions that attach the bladder to the abdominal wall or that gradually close off the small intestine. Adhesions can interfere with our ability to move and bend. Surgery is the most common cause of adhesions. Although most medical professionals would like us to believe that adhesions are rare, the fact is that they are not.

You may have heard that a lot of health problems have their basis in inflammation. Surgery injures the body. The body heals injuries by creating inflammation. In surgery the injuries are so major that the body can only repair them by building scars. What scars do is they trap inflammation. When inflammation is trapped it does not allow the body to complete the healing process. Waste from trapped inflammation remains stuck and is toxic. So your current health issues may be due to the result of previous surgeries. Invasive procedures done to the mouth are also considered surgeries. It is trapped inflammation caused by interventions that is at the root of many of the chronic problems today. Oftentimes the doctors intervention is the "toxin".

Scar tissue is made up primarily of collagen. Scar tissue is vulnerable to injury due to having little blood supply and no fluid or lymph drainage. Scar tissue is about 20 percent weaker than regular tissue. 

When a surgeon slices into the skin, for instance to reach into the abdomen, the surgeon is cutting through a minimum of:
* The outer skin
* A layer of connective tissue
* Nerves and tiny blood vessels
* A layer of soft tissue
* A layer of connective tissue
* More nerves and small blood vessels
* The inner layer of skin tissue
* A layer of fatty tissue
* A layer of connective tissue
* A layer of muscle tissue
* Nerves and blood vessels
* The first fluid layer
* Three or more layers of myofascial tissue
* Another layer of muscle tissue
* Nerves and blood vessels
* Another fluid layer
* A mucous membrane
* A fluid layer
* More layers of connective tissue
* Major blood vessels and large nerves
* The organ, bone, gland, or other component
Wow! Just think what your body thinks when this is happening to it. It sees this as a major assault which any type of surgery is. Also remember that anesthesia is taking a person to as close to death as possible with the ability to bring them back. The affects of anesthesia can take a long time to clear out of the body and many people have had lingering memory problems from the use of anesthesia.

Infections that follow surgery can not only create additional scars, but also make the surgical scars worse. Heart surgeons have long speculated that the reason a person's chest pain goes away after bypass surgery is not because of the bypass, but because the nerves around the heart have been cut and can no longer transmit pain signals to the brain.

In 1995 in hospital infections cost $4.5 billion and contributed to more than 88,000 deaths, or one death every six minutes. The numbers have gone up since then.

Modern medicine wants people to think that many of the organs we have can be removed with no future problems to the person. Kind of like they are just spare parts in our body that have no purpose. Everything in our body has a purpose and everything works together. That is why medicine that has evolved into specialization has not been a good path. Something that is negatively affecting our lungs could have originated in our kidneys and something that is negatively affecting the brain could be originating in our intestinal tract. Doctors routinely remove the appendix oftentimes just to prevent future problems. The appendix has two crucial roles. The appendix repopulates the intestines with bacteria after a bout of diarrhea and the appendix creates and "trains" white blood cells so it is pretty important to keep your appendix if at all possible.

Many people are not told that they will never return to the same level of ability or function that they were prior to surgery. It does not matter whether you have breast implants or a knee replaced, the surgery reduces your life expectancy. It is a myth that you will have better health because of surgery.

Dr. Michael Ozner is a cardiologist and he has stated that interventional cardiology is doing cosmetic surgery on the coronary arteries to make them look pretty and nothing more. Dr. Steve Devries says, "We'd often tell patients after angioplasty that they 'had the heart of a teenager again.' But it was completely untrue."

Oftentimes surgeries are performed not because an actual problem has been found but because the doctor fears a problem may occur in the future. Oftentimes what's seen on a scan is unclear, and this is used as rationale for having surgery "just to be sure." You are cut open simply so the doctor can satisfy his or her curiosity or "quest for knowledge." If you knew how many false positives there are with tests you would not be so excited about going and getting tested. Always remember just because someone wears a white coat and has MD after their name or any other letters, that they are not God. In fact it is far better to go to alternative doctors if you care about your health because mainstream doctors are not taught about health in medical school. In medical school the focus is about teaching the parts of the body, teaching about symptoms which have been categorized into a term which is a "disease", and they are taught that the answers are drugs, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. They are not taught about health or that everything in our body works together or that oftentimes the problem can stem from a problem in our spritual, emotional or mental well-being.

Because of the fear of lawsuits way too much testing is being done and this is not in the best interest of the patient. CT scans are under fire as the procedure's popularity is exposing hundreds of thousands of people to an amount of radiation greater than the annual amount allowed for nuclear plant employees. Any scan of any kind assaults the deep tissues of the body. All scanning devices expose the tissues to abnormal energy waves. Anyone who undergoes unnecessary scans exposes themselves to contrast dyes as well as unnecessary radiation. The dyes used can cause allergic reactions. Many dyes and contrast agents are radioactive themselves.

More important information when it comes to entrusting your health to the medical establishment.

In the 1990's Dr. Lucian Leape did a study which helped to expose the truth when it comes to our health care system and all of its flaws. Leape calculated that the error rate in the intensive care unit had a 1% failure rate. Many people don't think that this is a big deal. However, in aviation this same rate of failure would mean that there would be two unsafe plane landings per day at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. That is just at one airport. This same failure rate would also mean that in the postal service there would be 16,000 pieces of lost mail every hour. Taking this failure rate to the banking industry would mean that there would be 32,000 bank checks deducted from the wrong bank account. We don't tolerate this type of failure rate in any other industry so why is it tolerated when it comes to dealing with the health of people?

If the medical system were a bank, you wouldn't deposit your money here, because there would be an error every one-in-two to one-in-three times you made a transaction.
- Stephen Persell, MD, Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine

Dr. John Gofman has studied the effects of radiation on human health for 45 years. He has a PhD in nuclear and physical chemistry. Dr. Gofman discovered uranium-233 and was the first person to isolate plutonium.

Dr. Gofman has provided strong evidence that X-rays, CT scans, mammography and fluoroscopy devices are a contributing factor to 75% of new cancers. He shows that as the number of physicians increases in a geographical area along with an increase in the number of X-ray diagnostic tests performed, the rate of cancer and ischemic heart disease also increases. You can add to this the TSA scanners at airports which emit too much radiation for each person that goes through them. Can you just imagine out much radiation someone is exposed to who travels alot?

Dr. Gofman states that it is not the X-rays alone that cause the damage but a combination of factors which include poor diet, smoking, abortions and the use of birth control pills. Dr. Gofman predicts that ionizing radiation will be responsible for 100 million premature deaths over the next decade.

Dr. Gofman notes that breast cancer is the leading cause of death among American women between the ages of 44 and 55 because breast tissue is highly sensitive to radiation, mammograms can cause cancer.

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